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Outdoor Security Lighting: Using Home Security Lights Outside

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Having outdoor security lighting can protect your home from burglary. The best type of lighting to use is infrared technology sensor lights. These lights are easy to find and not overly expensive. They are also time tested as they have been around for decades. While some people may think that the idea is too easy and simple, these lights are actually very effective.

Infrared technology can detect the changes in the environment that the sensor beam is pointed towards. As the amount of infrared radiation changes in the area that the sensor is protecting, the lights will turn on. Sensors are able to pick up any object that emits heat and will go off with the passing of humans, animals, swaying of trees or even motor vehicles.

There are certain areas around the perimeter of your home that are more vulnerable than others and those are the locations where you should highly consider installing security lighting. Around front and back doors, sidewalk areas where people walk most often, in the garage or carport area and around any other areas that you think may be vulnerable.

If you are not sure where to start, the most critical area to install lights is in the rear of your home. Burglars most often enter homes from a back entrance where they are least likely to be seen.

While some people may believe that installing regular lights is a better option because they will always be on, you should think twice. Sensor lights provide numerous advantages over regular lighting including:

  • The fact that you never have to remember to turn them on or off. You just need to have them turned to the on switch at all times and they will automatically go on with the infrared technology when the sensors are triggered. The rest of the time they will remain off. So even when you are not home for the night or away on a week’s vacation your property will be protected.
  • The cost savings over time can be substantial. If you have regular lights, even if they are set up on a timer, you would be running them for hours every day. Sensor lights go on only when their sensor is triggered and are not continuously running.
  • The element of surprise. If a burglar is approaching your home and the sensor lights go off, it might be enough to frighten them from trying to break in.
  • When sensor lights go off attention is immediately attracted to that area. If someone suspicious sets off the sensor it is much more likely that they will be noticed where if you just have a regular light on all the time, people are not as likely to take notice.
  • Sensor lights also provide safety to you and your invited guests. They illuminate pathways around your home and as a result fewer trips and falls or other accidents are likely to take place. Having a sensor light automatically provides that safety since it clicks on as soon as it senses you.

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