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Home Security Stickers: Security Alarm System Decals to Deter Burglars

home security stickers

If you were a new criminal looking for a house to break into and steal from, would you rather try a house with a home security sticker on the windows warning intruders of the security system – or a house without the stickers? Chances are, you would go for the houses that do not have home security warning stickers, because you would have no way of knowing whether the stickers were just there to deter thieves or if they were real.

Experienced criminals are more likely to recognize home security stickers on homes without actual security systems than the first-time burgular. The investment to obtain the warning stickers is so small that if it only deterred half of all burgulars from attempting to break in, it would be a worthwhile investment.

How to Prevent Thieves From Breaking Into Your Home

There are a variety of ways to deter or prevent thieves from targeting your home. You can install a home security alarm system, deadbolts on sturdy doors, home security stickers placed on doors and windows, and outdoor lights that come on when someone moves by the sensors.

If you can't afford an actual home security alarm system installation, you can purchase inexpensive home security stickers which would go a long way in preventing a criminal from choosing your home.  In fact, the stickers are one of the few security options that a potential thief can see from the outside of the home, which can send them running before they even make the attempt to get inside, where as other types of security isn't known by the thief until he or she actually starts to break into your home.

Where to Place the Security Stickers

Purchase enough stickers to place one on each window or entrance to your home. If you do have a home security system or home alarm, the company should provide you with stickers – just ask if they didn't give you any. If you don't have an alarm or home security system, you can buy the warning labels online or from a variety of hardware stores in the aisle that sells home security items.

In addition to the home security stickers, you can purchase lawn signs which also state your home is protected by a security system. This may prevent potential thieves from even getting close to your home, since the sign can be seen from the street.

Security for Renters

If you rent your home or apartment rather than own it, chances are you don't want to spend a lot of money on a home security system. Placing home security stickers on the windows and doors is an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to help prevent potential thieves from choosing your home as their next target. A landlord is not likely to have a problem with the stickers, since they can easily be removed after you move out should he or she not want them on the windows or doors once you stop renting the property.

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