Pet Immune Motion Detector: Dog & Cat Friendly Motion Sensors

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Are you worried about protecting your home but afraid to install a security system because you have pets? Are you worried your pets will set off your security alarm? Many pet owners believe that because they have pets that they are unable to install and use a home security system to protect their home. This simply is not true. Many home security options come with pet friendly features that allow you to install and use monitoring systems that will not go of when your pets move around your home. Here is a look at pet friendly alarm motion sensors and how they work.

How Pet Friendly Motions Sensors Work

When you have pets, installing pet motion sensors is the way to go. Pet sensor motion detectors are able to distinguish between when your pets are roaming and when an intruder has entered the premise. Most pet motion sensors are wireless and easy to install.

The sensors generally run on duo technology and while different systems offer different levels of protection, if your pet is under 2 ½ feet tall and less than 85 pounds you should have no trouble finding pet motions sensors that will work for your home.

How To Select The Perfect System For Your Home

Selecting the right system for your home is really not that difficult. Before you head out shopping however, you will first want to make sure you know the size of your pet, including its height and weight. If you have multiple pets you will need to know the stats for all of them.

Your next step will be to compare different systems making sure you choose one that fits your pet’s size. While you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest sensor kit you find, that may not be a wise move. While some kits may be more costly they are usually of higher quality with advanced technology. Your chances of false alarms can be greatly decreased when you stick with higher end models. Bottom line, don’t just compare prices, look at the technology and take some time to read customer reviews before making a decision.

Setting Up And Testing Your Sensors

After you have made your purchase you will need to install your motions sensors. Make sure you place them in areas around your home that would be most prone to burglary. Once installation is complete you will want to test out your system. Activate the sensors and let your pets roam. Make sure the sensors do not go off when your pets are moving around in the protected area.

What Are My Options I Have Large Pets?

If you have pets above the specified weight and height limits, don’t fret. There are still plenty of ways that you can protect your home. An alarm system without the motion sensors is still a great option. Using door, window and glass break alarms can be a great alternative. Additionally, you can also use security cameras, good security lighting and common sense. Always secure your home when leaving and additionally, make sure your home looks occupied at all times.

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