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DIY Home Alarm: Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional

DIY vs professional home alarm

When it comes to protecting your home and your family many people opt to install a security system. The question that they comes into play is should I do it myself of should I have a professional company install and monitor it. There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways, let’s take a look.

Do It Yourself Advantages

  • Do it yourself systems are usually cheaper.
  • There are numerous do it yourself systems on the market with options available to fit different needs.
  • You have the option of choosing between a wired or wireless system, keep in mind that wireless are much easier to install.
  • Most systems do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to install them.

Do It Yourself Disadvantages

  • Some are complicated to install.
  • If you install them incorrectly you risk the chance of the system not working when it should.
  • You may, on your own, not be able to determine the best places to install sensors or what windows might be most vulnerable to intruders.
  • You may not have professional monitoring like you would if you went with a professionally installed system.

If you do decide to do it yourself make sure you understand the directions and choose a system that is right for your home. If for example you live in an apartment of small home you will not need a system that has numerous motions sensors. Additionally, make sure you install door alarms and window alarms.

Professional Installations Advantages

  • A professional will come to your house to assess your home’s needs. They will be able to easily tell you where you need to have motion sensors, window alarms, etc.
  • Peace of mind. If you are nervous about installing your own alarm, having a professional company do it instead offers peace of mind that it is done right.
  • A professional company can also provide around the clock monitoring that may not be available with your do it yourself system.

Professional Installation Disadvantages

  • They can be cost prohibitive.
  • Many times you will have to sign a multiple year contract.

If you do decide to go with a professionally installed system make sure you shop around before you buy. Find out from friends and neighbors what company they use and make sure you go with a reputable company. Find out what the system will cost and how much monitoring will be. See what kind of contract they offer and make sure to read it carefully before signing on the bottom line. Many companies will make you sign a multiple year contract that you cannot get out of even if you move. So, be sure to check for that.

In conclusion, there are benefits of both types of alarm systems and each family needs to decide what is best for them. Weigh the pros and cons, decide what is in your budget and go for it. A security system, no matter whether installed by you or by a professional is overall a great way to keep your home protected.

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