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Home Security Checklist & Survey For Outside and Inside of Your Home

home security checklist and survey

The following home security checklist will help you keep your home secure from burgulars or intruders.  If you have areas that aren't as secure as they could be, consider upgrading the security or putting some new security measures in place. When considering different types of security features for your home, keep in mind your own safety and ability to get out in case of an emergency as well as preventing people from getting into your home uninvited.

Exterior Home Security

  • Entrance doors to your home are all metal or solid hardwood
  • Entrance doors have deadbolts
  • Entrance doors have good lighting so you can view who is outside through the peephole
  • Doors are kept locked when people are in the home or when you leave home
  • Windows are kept locked
  • Motion sensor lighting is installed outside to turn on if someone walks by
  • House number is clearly displayed for emergency responses
  • Shrubs and bushes do not create areas for burgulars to hide around your home
  • Gates are padlocked
  • Bikes and grills are put out of sight when not in use
  • Spare keys are not under a doormat, above the door, on window sill, or in mailbox
  • Garage doors have locks; and you don't rely on just the automatic door opener for security
  • Locks have been changed if you just moved into a rental property or purchased a new home
  • Sliding glass doors have metal or wooden dowel in track to prevent break ins
  • Tree branches of trees close to home have been cut to prevent access to upstairs windows

Interior Home Security

  • Home security system with alarm has been installed
  • Home security stickers are on each door and window warning burgulars of security system (whether you have one or not)
  • Glass panels or windows in doors are reinforced so they cannot be shattered
  • Valuable home items are inscribed with drivers license number, using an electrical engraver
  • Home inventory list is up to date and photographs have been taken of the home and copies are stored off-site
  • None of your security measures will make it difficult to get out in case of fire
  • Keep valuables in various locations in the home, instead of all in one room or area
  • Install auxiliary window locks to allow for ventilation but keep windows locked
  • Avoid saying “we're not home right now” on your outgoing answering machine message
  • Guns are stored separate from ammunition

Home Security When You're Away From Home

  • Interior and exterior lights on timers to mimic use when people are at home
  • Newspaper delivery and mail is stopped while away, or neighbors will get for you
  • The yard is tended to when you are away to appear that someone is home
  • Interior motion detectors have been activated

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