How a Fire Alarm Monitoring Service Works With a Security System

fire alarm monitoring service

Fire alarm monitoring provides your home or business with protection against fire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whether you are sound asleep in your bed or traveling across the world. Fire alarm monitoring systems help save lives and property – time is of the essence when it comes to getting the fire department to your home or business before it's too late to save the property. If your fire alarm is activated, a signal is sent via the phone, internet or cellular towers to the monitoring station. As soon as they receive the emergency signal, they send out the fire department to your property. Response times are much faster to homes and businesses with fire alarm monitoring systems installed than those without.

Don't Rely On the Neighbors!

When you travel out of town and your home is unattended, without fire alarm monitoring, you are relying on neighbors or passerby's to notice the fire and make the call to the fire department for you. By the time it is discovered and reported, often there is little left of the property. A fire alarm monitoring service is always on and ready to respond the moment a fire happens, giving emergency response teams adequate time to get to your property and minimize your losses.

How Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems Are Activated

Just like your traditional smoke detectors, the fire alarm monitoring systems will detect heat and smoke. A dialing system will report the problem to the monitoring company as soon as the alarm is triggered, and will also sound bells or whistles to help get people out of the house before they are injured in a fire. The alarms will also send a message to the monitoring company if they are in need of repair or servicing.

Types of Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

You can purchase a fire alarm monitoring system that does nothing but report fires to the monitoring company; who then dispatches the fire department – or you can purchase a full home security monitoring service which will include fire and burglary, too. With a system that includes burglary monitoring, when the alarm is activated, someone from the monitoring company will call your home to verify the emergency. If you don't answer, or can't supply the previously selected passcode, police and/or fire departments will be dispatched to investigate the situation. Records of all responses and alarm triggers are kept by the monitoring company in case police or other authorities ever need to access them.

Cost of Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring systems are generally paid for through monthly or annual subscriptions. You should shop around to ensure you are getting a reputable monitoring company and at a fair price.

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