Residential Home Security Monitoring: How Alarm Companies Work

residential alarm monitoring

The process from getting your alarm system installed through connecting it with an alarm monitoring service varies quite a bit depending upon where you live and what type of alarm company you choose to work with. Once the alarm system is installed and monitoring begins the process remains fairly consistent among all monitoring companies. Below is the general process from installation through monthly home monitoring.

Installation of Alarm System

Depending upon which company you choose to go with, the alarm monitoring company may not be involved with the initial installation of the alarm system. Many of the large alarm companies have subcontractors that are responsible for the sale and installation of the alarm system. Once the subcontractor completes the installation they will pass you off to the parent company that they are a subcontractor for and then they will handle the monitoring. In some cases, you may even be able to install your own residential alarm system and then you just need to be connected to the alarm monitoring network.

There are many different kinds of alarm systems available and most of the better alarm monitoring companies will support just about any type of alarm system, but will require some reprogramming to support their proprietary technology.

Alarm System Monitoring Begins

Once the alarm system is installed or programmed to connect with the monitoring company, alarm monitoring can begin. Once the alarm monitoring begin and the alarm is set off for one of the various pre-programmed triggers, an emergency signal will be transmitted by phone lines, cell towers or phone lines to the central alarm monitoring station. The central monitoring station will determine the nature of the emergency and will typically call the home phone line to make sure it isn't a false alarm. If there is no answer or a wrong pin code is given then the central alarm location will notify the appropriate parties to respond to the situation.

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