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Cheap Home Security: Inexpensive Alarm Systems & Alarm Monitoring

cheap home security

Buying a Security System on a Budget

Home security is something that many home owners worry about and for good reason, as burglaries can happen in any neighborhood, no matter where you live. If you are on a tight budget it can seem pretty costly to have a security system installed and monitored by a home security company. What many people do not realize is that there are numerous ways that you can protect your home without having to pay exuberant fees. Here is a look at some options for inexpensive home security systems and security monitoring:

Purchase a Home Security Kit And Install It On Your Own

While you won’t have the protection of a company monitoring your security system, for many burglars just hearing a burglar alarm is enough to send them running. There are numerous options on the market when it comes to very reasonably priced home security systems. No matter what your budget you should be able to find a system that you can afford.

Systems of course vary in price depending on how much protection they offer. Some will just offer door alarms while others will add on additional features like window alarms, glass breaking alarms, room motion detectors, video surveillance and more. Take some time before purchasing to decide what features you want. Then shop around to find a system that fits your criteria and your budget.

Make Your Own System

If you are handy or know someone who is that can help, you can build your own inexpensive security system. First, decide what it is you will need in terms of protection like door alarms, window alarms, motions sensors, etc and then determine what hardware you will need to assemble such products. Visit your electronic store or shop on line to find all the parts you will need and once you have them in hand you can build and install your own home security system.

Consider A Monitoring Company But Skip The Add-Ons

Some people look at home security monitoring companies and do not realize that there are usually various packages to choose from and very often the basic package is actually quite cheap.  Salespeople may start with some of their more expensive services or products, which could lead you to believe home security is outside your budget. Most basic packages come with door alarms and maybe a motion sensor detector. You can then add on additional items like window alarms, glass protection, surveillance cameras as well as items like monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. While all the extras are great to have and do provide more protection, if you are on a tight budget even just having the basics can be a great option.

Other Ways To Protect Your Home

There are of course other ways beyond security systems that you can use to protect your home with most of them being very budget friendly. They include:

  • Installing dead bolt locks on all of your doors.
  • Fixing any broken windows immediately and making sure that all of your windows have secure locks on them.
  • Posting signage in your yard that indicates you have security system even if you don’t. Many times this is enough to keep burglars away.
  • Use home security stickers on your windows to show you have a security system even if you don't. This will do the same job as signage in your yard, but adds an additional layer of burglar deterrents to your home.
  • Making sure you have good outside lighting, preferably motion sensor lights that are in good working order.
  • Always locking your doors and windows when you are not at home.
  • Finally, consider getting a dog as a pet. Many burglars will steer clear from a home when they hear a dog barking.

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