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Outdoor Home Security System: Outdoor Alarm Components & Info

outdoor home security systems

Your home is your sanctuary. In the fast paced world in which we live, your house is the one place where you should be able to sit back, relax and let your guard down. Unfortunately not all members of society respect the property and privacy of others. There is a criminal element out there always on the lookout for an easy mark. When this criminal element strikes in the form of a home invasion, the consequences for the victim are far reaching. The loss of personal property is upsetting, however the knowledge that your private space has been compromised is devastating. Homeowners can take action to avoid becoming the next victim of a home invasion by installing a complete home security system. Here we look at three outdoor home security system components and how they serve as the first line of defense.

Outdoor Motion Sensors

The best way to keep your home safe is by preventing burglars from ever gaining access to it. Outdoor motion sensors installed around your perimeter can be a deterrent for would be burglars.  When selecting outdoor motion sensors, make sure you choose units which are designed to withstand all weather conditions to which they will be subject. Look for outdoor motion sensors equipped with a built-in speaker. When triggered, the unit should emit several warnings alerting the intruder of detection before activating the home security alarm. Reduce false alarms by strategically placing sensors in smaller detection areas.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

If you are a burglar hoping to conceal your movements in darkness, outdoor motion sensor lights are your worst enemy. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, many homeowners have realized the benefits associated with outdoor motion sensor lights. Outdoor lights can be activated in several ways.  The disturbance of energy between sensors can activate lighting as well as the detection of infrared energy. Other lighting solutions may include motion activated lights. These are popular among homeowners and can also be used for general lighting purposes.

Outdoor Cameras

When motion detectors or automatic lighting indicate the presence of a burglar, the last thing you want to do is leave the safety of your home to investigate. Outdoor cameras can be used in conjunction with other security components making it possible to monitor the situation without putting yourself at risk. Security cameras installed outdoors must be protected from the elements. This includes proper housing and also some method of controlling climate.  The housing will protect the unit from outdoor elements like weather and wild animals. The climate control ensures the camera maintains proper operating temperature.  Homeowners should consider hiring a professional for outdoor camera installation. Trained technicians will know the best location for camera installation to offer maximum coverage while at the same time protecting the unit from people, animals and other outside elements.

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