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Best Home Security Systems: Alarm System For Your Living Situation

best home security system

If you're thinking about a home security system, you need to consider the financial investment as well as selecting an alarm system that suits your unique living situation. Not all alarm systems provide the same level of security or benefits. Home security systems increase home values, and you can often demand a higher selling price if you put your home for sale after a security system has been installed. When choosing an alarm, you'll want to think about the needs of your family and the type of home you live in to choose an appropriate solution:

What Kind of Neighborhood Do You Live in?

Crime can happen in any neighborhood, no matter how safe it seems. The higher your risks for theft and break-ins, the higher your security needs. Rural homes statistically have lower risk for break-ins and theft while city and suburban homes have higher risk levels. Consider your geographic location when thinking about the type of home security system you should install.

Remote Monitoring For Your Home

Some families decide they want the ability to view their home from remote locations. Maybe you want to keep an eye on your family while you're at work; or keep watch over your home when you go on vacation – whatever your reason, there are home security systems which involve video surveillance cameras that can be accessed via the internet from any location.

Remote Home Automation

Some home security systems can offer additional services like remote home automation. Want to open the gates or garage door with the push of a button? You can even turn lights on and off from a remote location, if you set up the system to allow it.

Financial Concerns for Home Security Systems

Just as there are a variety of different types of home security systems, the prices vary depending on how many features the system offers. Some security systems require a one-time set up and installation fee, while others will require the installation expense as well as a monthly subscription for home automation, monitoring, or connection with local security company and police department. If your budget is a factor, your home security system may be chosen based on the expense.; Keep in mind that your home insurance company may offer a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums to help offset any ongoing costs of home security subscriptions.

Home Security Options For Various Home Types:


If you own your own home, you'll have a different range of options available for home security system compared to renters.

  • One-level homes – if you own a single family, one-level home, you can purchase a security system that is either wireless or wired. Wireless security systems are recommended for homes with finished basements and plaster ceilings, or older homes built with plaster walls. If your basement is finished with a drop ceiling, or is unfinished, a hard-wired security system is a good option. For one-level homes without basements, you can often install a wired security system that makes use of attic space.

  • Two-level homes – if your home has more than one level, you may need to install a hybrid security system that consists of both hard-wired components and wireless components. If you can run wires from the basement into the first floor and up through the second floor, you can use a fully wired security system; but if there are no accessible entry points to the second floor, then you'll need to make use of wireless security features to secure the second floor of your home.

  • New homes, under construction – when you are building your own home from scratch, you have the best opportunity of any homeowner for setting up a home security system which is wired right into the home. Most security system companies will provide discounts for homes that are pre-wired during the construction phase. When you install a home security system during the construction of a home, you will not need to use a wireless (and therefore more expensive) system. Additionally, hard-wired security systems are more reliable than wireless options.

  • Townhome, duplex, or rowhouse – if you own a piece of a larger building, you can install a hard-wired or wireless security system within your portion of the home. If there is a second floor to your home, you may have to make use of a hybrid security system that uses both wired and wireless components.


In apartments or homes that you rent from the owner, you don't want to install anything permanent that you can't take with you when you leave.  For most renters, renting or leasing a home security system is a good option. Look for an alarm company which allows flexible lease or rental agreements for length of time, and those which will allow you to relocate your alarm system to a new property should you move. Most renters need to use wireless home security systems to avoid having to drill holes or make permanent changes to the home.

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