Different Types of Security Alarm Companies/Alarm Monitoring Companies

types of alarm companies

The home security market can be a bit confusing to the average person that is trying to find the best home security monitoring company for the first time. There are many different types of companies and they each have their pluses and minuses. Below are the general types of home security companies.

Types of Home Security Companies

  • Nation-Wide Companies
    • Corporate: Corporate home security companies are ones that operate nationwide and have their own alarm monitoring centers, sales staff, customer support, etc. These companies typically have large regional offices that are located in big cities that handle all the services that they provide and are typically not operated from your local area.
    • Subdealers: Subdealers are companies that companies that have their own sales teams and installers. After the sale has been completed then they pass off your account to the corporate company that they are a subdealer for. The subdealers are typically only involved with the early process of getting the alarm system up and running and then the buyer then works directly with the corporate company. Subdealers can come in many different shapes and sizes and can range from a one man shop working from home that only sells to his local area to a subdealer that services clients nationwide.
  • Local
    • Subdealers: A local subdealer is very similar to a nation-wide subdealer. A local subdealer is a local contact that will sell you your system and help you get it installed and then they will pass your account off to a nation-wide corporate company or a local independent company to perform the monitoring.
    • Independent: A local independent company are locally owned and operated companies that have their own sales staff, technical staff, and alarm monitoring staff. These companies tend to be a bit more flexible with special requests and shorter contracts. These companies can be beneficial to those people that get the piece of mind that the staff that is monitoring their alarm system has a better understanding of the local area than a nationwide company that handles the account.

Which Company To Choose?

The company you choose really comes down to your unique living situation and service area. There are pros and cons to each type of company. Below are the pros and cons to using a nationwide company vs a local company.

  • Nation-Wide Company
    • Pros: Nation-wide companies will service just about any area of the country, even extremely remote areas. Many areas of the country do not have a local alarm monitoring company around and a nation-wide company may be the only option available.
    • Cons: They may lack local knowledge that can come in handy if there was a problem. Since they are large companies they will not
  • Local Alarm Company
    • Pros: Local companies have a better local knowledge of the service area. Being local allows them to establish relationships with contractors that are familiar with installing their particular alarm system which creates benefits both on the buyer and and the monitoring end. Also, being a small company may allow them to accommodate special needs for your monitoring, if needed.
    • Cons: There may not be a local company in your service area.

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